Hide Non-Video Participants from Tile-view

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@naxmul I have sent you a DM

there is a hack add .display-avatar-only{display: none !important} in index file. Only issue is size of participants will be same as with non-video participants

Hello Dear, But why?

Hi Naznul,

We sent you a DM. Kindly check it out.

Thank you.

With latest version of Jitsi .display-avatar-only{display: none !important} hides it but tile space is not released.
Any css expert can please guide. Please see image

change hete
reduce muted participnats

then dispatch this function

Thanks for quick response, however , I do not want to change jitsi code.
My users join from 2 different urls using iframe API and based on which URL they are coming from I hide this for one URL only.
CSS hack used to work perfectly with older jitsi.
I am not sure why display:none is not hiding span anymore. Actually it’s hidden and behaves like hidden not as display none

managed to work with following css hacks, incase someone needs:

.display-avatar-only {display: none !important  ; position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important;}
.display-video { position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important ; }
span:hover { position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important ;}
.filmstrip__videos > div {flex-wrap: wrap !important;}
.videocontainer.display-name-on-black.videoContainerFocused { pointer-events:none !important }
.filmstrip.display-avatar-only {display: none !important  ; position : relative !important ; left : auto !important ; top : auto !important; height: 0px; width: 0px; min-height: 0px; min-width: 0px;}

@kkd is it resize tiles?

No it does not resize. But that can be achieved if you select say only 1 or 2 columns. But with 5 columns it looks good.

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Thank you

Have you applied all css correctly, when it flickers when you move mouse?
It was already taken care in the css.
What jitsi version?
Try clearing cache as some css may be coming from cache?

There is no need to change all.css,
Some css may be added by code.
Add these css in your head of index file.
Basically override existing css

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I will check and let you know. However I also get space on top but I did not try to remove as I use 5 columns and it looks good showing center of screen.
However below screenshot is from older jitsi.

Hi, @kkd ! Thank you so much for this, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I’m having a flicker issue, myself, with the menu on each participant. It occurs in both tiled and filmstrip mode. In addition, the entire menu moves. Do you have any suggestions for this problem? I’ve attached screenshots which, of course, don’t show that the entire menu is flickering.

Thank you!!

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In my environment I implement this for some of participants ( basically similar to webinar ) so I have hidden popup menu for them also.
I will check in different trial environment and let you know.


Thank you