Hide local video in tile view mode

I builded my own Jitsi Meet Server with success, making some changes too.
I would like to hide the local partecipant video from the the video grid displayed (and the vertical filmstrip is not shown) when I press the button “Toogle tile view”.
Can someone help me?


I would like to have this feature on user side as well.

If you don’t mind hacking the CSS a bit, you can set:

.tile-view #localVideoTileViewContainer {
  display: none;


That’s a good solution. If others find their way here and want to go this route, check our this reply to help you with a technique to implement:

Hey etlweather,
could you tell me where you pasted the style?
I tried in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css/all.css
an even made the none!important;
but it’s not working for me.

I added my own css file (custom.css) and added a link at the top of the index.html just under the all.css link. Of course that isn’t going to survive an update but it’s easy to put back in.

Thanx a lot for the tip.
I’ll try that.

Thank you very much!!!
It works!