Hide Filmstrip only to Assistants (Guests)


We are trying to configure Jitsi Meet to make courses from single teacher…For this we are config file “interface.config.js” with two different types of iframes:

  • an 1st iframe for the moderator and / or presenter with all the usual options activated

  • a 2nd iframe different for the assistants so that we have deactivated the camera, the microphone and the rest of the options that they are not going to need since they should only be able to see and hear the moderator. We have only left the chat option active for them to ask questions.

It certainly could almost work like this, but we would also like to completely hide the FilmStrip in assistans screens since they do not need to see others assistants but only the presenter’s camera, but despite having tried all the possible configurations with the commands “filmStripOnly”, “SET_FILMSTRIP_ENABLED” and “hideFilmstrip” we have not been able to hide it …

Can anyone help us with this?

Thanks in advance and our congratulations on such a fantastic development and community !!!

Any idea about this please?

I dont know about the options SET_FILMSTRIP_ENABLED and hideFilmstrip (where did you find these?) but you could try to add a script snippet that uses the api to hide the filmstrip using the toggleFilmstrip command as explained here:

If this this works you should also disable the filmstrip toggle button in interface_config.js.
Note that I did not test any of the above, its only what I would experiment with to achieve something like this.

Hi plokta Thank you very much for your help … I am a very new user of Jitsi Meet and I am learning a lot thanks to your wonderful community…

I have tested the toggleFilmstrip command through the API and it works perfectly … The problem is that I cannot disable toggle button in interface_config.js because I can’t find that option… :-((

P.D.- Options SET_FILMSTRIP_ENABLED and hideFilmstrip: I found it in google search and tried it because maybe it was an indocumented yet options:

I think you can simply remove the filmstrip from the TOOLBAR_BUTTONS array in interface_config.js. This should remove the small triangle symbol from the UI that toggles the filmstrip when clicked. This is of course just a workaround, as any user with technical background could probably toggle the filmstrip, e.g., using the browser console. Furthermore, I guess this won’t work for mobile apps.

The pull request you found has been closed without ever being merged into the released version. If you compile the sources anyway you could experiment with adding the code from that pull request. Would be interesting to hear back what you were able to achieve.

Hi plokta, I have removed filmstrip from the TOOLBAR_BUTTONS array in interface_config.js but I don’t see any difference between adding or removing it…I have also tested it against on Jitsi Meet server and there is no difference either … Could it be a bug or maybe there is another command that affects it? … What am I doing wrong??

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I would like to be able to test it, but I am not an expert programmer … Is there a tutorial that explains the process step by step to be sure of doing it correctly?

Thanks again!!

Also need it