Hide errors and info

We are trying to use Jitsi in an interface where the mic and camera are built into the monitor and there is not a keyboard and mouse. The computer auto opens chrome and connects to a meeting room on boot. The problem is if we turn off the monitor for a few minutes and turn it back on we get the error “Unable to access camera” and notification of “New audio device detected”. These items do not seem to go away without interaction from an input device. Is there somewhere in the code I can turn these off or at least set a quick timeout for them to go away?

I have tried renaming the lang folder to lang.old because i thought thats where it was getting the wording for the error but that didn’t change anything.

I have now tried digging through all the html files without finding much. Now searching the css for “error” and trying to decide which ones to remove if anyone can give suggestions?


can you provide any thoughts on this? I have found a spot in ui.js on the github page where it looks like the error is generated but I cannot find that anywhere on my server to edit the file.

Possibly making some progress? Now the error shows dialog.cameraNotSendingDataTitle instead of the error message.

If there is anyone that could help I would appreciate it.

The functions driving those notifications are located in /react/features/base/devices/middleware.js (at least some of them - I didn’t do a complete look). You can try to disable the functions or parse a value of “null” - hopefully, that might solve help accomplish your goal.

Yea I found the ones I was looking for there and built from source and it worked. What I was hoping for was to know where the code is for them on a server that is already set up so I can make the change without having to reload it since I do not have it on site with me anymore.

You could try to set this through interface_config.js. Enforce an auto-dismiss timeout - make the value very low.