Hide Camera window of the admin when live streaming on Youtube

Hi all,

I have an issue when I´m live streaming on Youtube via Jitsi meet. When I invite someone to speak, I would like to live stream only this person. Even though I see only this person in Jitsi when I deactivate my camera, on Youtube it shows my camera window on the left side without me being visible and on the right side of the screen it shows my guest with the camera on like normal.
Is there a way that my empty window disappears when I live stream with another person?

I would really appreciate your comments on this issue.
Thank you in advance fro your help.

Search for “everyone follows me

Thank you! I found it and I will test it and let you know if it works. :slight_smile:

Where it is ?

You go to “settings” and then “more” and it´s the last option to click.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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