Hidden participant when using JWT token

Hello @damencho @saghul

Can I have a user as hidden participant in Jitsi when JWT is enabled?

Can I know the steps if any. I am using docker. Thank you for the help in advance.


That’s not possible. It would be a huge privacy breach.

@saghul Thank you for the responce. For example, Jibri user is joining conference as invisible user in Jitsi. Can the same be configured for a normal user with JWT eanbled?


Jibri is special for obvious reasons, but there is a visual indicator that the meeting is being recorded. The same cannot be achieved using a JWT token.

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If I am not using JWT and using internal prosody users , Can this be achieved?

@saghul @damencho

No, for the same reason.

Ok Thank you for the response :slight_smile: