Hi, the video and audio drops after the 3rd participants join

We have installed the Jitsi and it works well when there are only 2 participants. As soon as the third participants join, the video and audio are both dropped.

What can we do?

We do not know Linux. If there is way to fix, please give us command lines so that we can copy and paste. Thank you.


I had the same issue. Try to turn off peer2peer mode. It worked for me.

When there are only 2 participants, you are using only peer to peer mode and the video server has only a signaling function, it’s not used to serve video. So what it means is that your setup is not really working. You probably have to set a NAT rule for port 10000 UDP in your firewall.

I’m not sure it’s a great idea to setup an Internet server using this OS, then.

Please the following port

  • ufw allow 80/tcp
  • ufw allow 443/tcp
  • ufw allow 10000:60000/tcp
  • ufw allow 10000:60000/udp
  • ufw allow 5222
  • ufw allow 5347

Thank you so much!

How to turn off pere2peer mode? is it in Jitsi.

Assuming our system knowledge is close to none when it comes to linux. thank you so much!

What command or control did you use?