Hi, adding Jitsi to our server via Docker. Help appreciated!

We’re looking to add Jitsi integration to our community server as you can see in this documentation.
Here is a post about it on our Discourse forum.

Is 4-core Xeon with 24gb ram VPS enough to handle Jitsi with 30 - 40 users in same room, whether video is on or off? What about up to 100? Our system currently sits comfortably at 4gb of ram used withoutt Jitsi.

As you’ll see in docs linked above, we are already running Nginx reverse proxy for Let’s Encrypt so I’m wondering about easiest way to add one of the existing Docker setups so it’ll properly install and allow us to deploy with our pre-existing nginx. Thanks!

We’re hoping to have the bells and whistles.

  • Install Jigsi to allow free communiting calling
  • Sip bridge
  • Videobridge/Xmpp
  • Etherpad

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!

I’d say that’s enough for 100.

If you are using our Dockerfiles, disable HTTPS and use your own nginx to proxy to the HTTP port exported by our setup. That should be it.

All of those can be installed by tweaking some env vars in https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet

What is the best way to set those env variables? I’m a little lost in documentation.

Using an .env file. Just copy the default env.example and adapt it to you needs.