Helpe for Resevertione Module

Hello can somebody please explaine me what resevertione module are do? Like what I no undastande are this;

  1. If I put resevertione module, he mean nobody fit create meeting if I no enter for resevertione?
  2. Where I get resevertione systeme from? Is come with jitsi?
  3. If persone try create meeting like so but he no enter first for resevertione module he mean he get error?

I just try undastande what it are do. Please explaine me. Thank you

Have you seen this? Reservation System setup | Jitsi Meet

In summary, if you enable the reservation plugin, then before any room is created, prosody will first make an API call to whatever endpoint you define. The response from the API will determine if the room is allowed to be created or not, and how long that room can remain open for.

The API endpoint will be something you have to implement yourself.

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@shawn thank you for me responde. Yes I seened the link thats why I aske the qwuestionz. What I no no is if the room are not booke for inside resevertione systeme then nobody can create? This are corekte?

You know any openesouce one I fit use?

That is correct. If you enable the reservation module, then if the API does not allow it (or if the API is down) then new rooms cannot be created.

There is the following project, but I have not tried and not sure if it still works. Some of the instructions on the page will be outdated since Reservations used to be provided by Jicofo and it is now a prosody plugin. The APIs should be compatible so it shouldn’t take too much work to make it work, maybe?

Okey thank you too much for me responde my friend. I try that one I see if he worke. :grinning:

You’re very welcome. Good luck.