Help with SS framerate

I feel like I’ve tried every config.js combination possible, yet I still can’t achieve more than about 2-3 FPS while screensharing with 3 people in the call. With two people it’s a bit better, but not by much, hitting around 12 to 17 fps.

I feel like I’m running out of options here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve tried H264, VP8, and VP9. Sometimes for some reason, Jitsi seems to ignore the “disabled config” option entirely…

I’ve tried reinstalling and also increasing the CPU power and allocated memory, none of which seems to help.

Use “presenter” mode when you’re sharing (i.e. turn on your camera).

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You may want to try Jitas for screen sharing

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Ok thank you guys!

@Freddie @emrah I noticed that VP9 works pretty well, but it seems to ignore the desktop framerate setting and get locked to 5 fps. Is there any way around that?