Help with setuping poltergeist : user immediatly kicked


I am trying to setup Poltergeist in order to later have the whole workflow with muc_call working.

For now, I activated the poltergeist module in my MUC component

Component “” “muc”
storage = “memory”
disable_polergeist_token_verification = true
modules_enabled = {

And added the poltergeist component

Component “” “poltergeist_component”
muc_component = “

I was not really able to find a doc and just tried to guess what should be the conf.

With the current configuration, the poltergeist web API is available:

curl “http://localhost:5280/poltergeist/create?room=my
conf&user=mysyerid&” -H
‘host:’ -vvv

return 200

But in the jitsi interface of the participant :

  • I have a notification that the participant enters the conference
  • I have a notification with the status
  • but the participant is immediately kicked.

Here are the logs that I can see on prosody

Jul 07 08:56:25 debug   Presence after previous identity stripped: <presence to='' from=''><x xmlns=''/><bot type='poltergeist'/><call_cancel/><call_id>77453505-03e0-4d4d-a919-b09c14e6e39d</call_id><status>ringing</status><nick xmlns=''>HelloWorld</nick></presence>
Jul 07 08:56:25 debug   Presence with identity inserted <presence to='' from=''><x xmlns=''/><bot type='poltergeist'/><call_cancel/><call_id>77453505-03e0-4d4d-a919-b09c14e6e39d</call_id><status>ringing</status><nick xmlns=''>HelloWorld</nick><identity><user><id>mysyerid</id></user></identity></presence>
Jul 07 08:56:25 info    adding poltergeist: MUC room (
Jul 07 08:56:25 mod_bosh        debug   We have an open request, so sending on that
Jul 07 08:56:25 mod_bosh        debug   Request destroyed: table: 0x562538589b40
Jul 07 08:56:25 bosh61168b25-39a9-477a-844f-f771dec73620        debug   BOSH session marked as inactive (for 60s)
Jul 07 08:56:25 socket  debug   server.lua: closed client handler and removed socket from list
Jul 07 08:56:25 c2s5625386432d0 debug   Sending[c2s]: <message from='' to=''>
Jul 07 08:56:25     debug   Refreshing reserved nicks...
Jul 07 08:56:25     debug   Refreshed for <nil>
Jul 07 08:56:25     debug   Refreshed for <nil>
Jul 07 08:56:25     debug   Refreshed for <nil>
Jul 07 08:56:25 c2s5625386432d0 debug   Sending[c2s]: <presence to='' from=''>
Jul 07 08:56:25     debug   Room creation without <x>, possibly desynced
Jul 07 08:56:25 c2s5625386432d0 debug   Sending[c2s]: <presence from='' to='' type='unavailable'>

And the data received by the Jitsi web client.

If anyone has any idea, or maybe a doc of how to setup poltergeist correctly, that would be really helpfull.


I get it working,

I thing the only things misisng for previous configuration was in the conference muc :

poltergeist_component = “

Hi, could you share how this module fits into your workflow?


I am working on a website where a connected user can receive a invite to a call from another user.

The user asking for the call will directly jump into jisti. The second user will receive a notification to jump into that call.

I’m the meantime, thanks to poltergeist module, the first user can see the ghost of the first user with the status ‘ringing’

Thanks for the information. Seems to be something similar what i need but not quite. In my case, there is no need to see ghost of first user