Help with load balancing

Hello - I’ve been trying this for days, and not getting anywhere.

Setup: 2 AWS EC2 servers. First installed with whole jitsi-meet suite, per the load balancing tutorial. Second has just jitsi-videobridge. The servers have a Public IP and a Private IP (per usual AWS setup) but only the private IP is actually configured on the VMs. (Ubuntu, btw, if it matters). The IPs in the configs have been edited but are correct. In fact, I cannot ‘dig’ the sample server domain name on the boxes (it comes back blank A record). I have TRIED setting the IP address/hostname pairings in /etc/hosts… does not change anything.

I can get the jitsi up and running, but it is NOT load balancing. I cannot post full configs or the logs – this system won’t let me (says no more than 2 links). Tell me what you need to see/check, and I will see if I can post that. It appears that the server-to-server connection to create the pubsub node is failing, but I don’t know why. (domain changed to Your system won’t let me post configs or logs, so I’m not sure how to get help.

|Jul 03 13:26:49 s2sin55d4ae88be80|info|Incoming s2s stream> closed: This host does not serve|
|Jul 03 13:26:49 s2sout55d4ae7feae0|info|Failed in all attempts to connect to|
|Jul 03 13:26:49 s2sout55d4ae7feae0|info|Sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to|