Help with a COVID-19 project for the NHS- this is my first community post

Hi Jitsi community, sorry if I’m going about this wrong- I’m new here :slight_smile:

I put this out on LinkedIn a few days back. I’ve had some great response including someone who recommended jitsi. (see below for the LinkedIn post and a link to it)

Jitsi is brill, and I think it solves many of the challeneges we have in helping people who are critically ill in hospital (at perhaps even at home) communicate. (we are just testing if we can side load the app into android tablets- as the webonly stuff only seems to work on a pc)

The challenge we can’t yet overcome is:
How can we send a jitsi link to the family member on a shared tablet without installing an additional email client or sms gateway on the tablet in advance.

The tablets are just generic devices (most of them Samsung SM-T530 ( Galaxy Tab 4 10.1) and when used by one patient, we want to be able to pass to the next.

If someone could build for us a style web page that has the ability to send an sms (I’m happy to pay for the sending of the SMS messages to the Loved ones) or email to the family members with an embedded link back to the unique page - then we can quickly help more scared and vulnerable people stay in touch with their families.

search the guardian for ‘britons-saying-final-goodbyes-to-dying-relatives-by-videolink-covid-19’ - as I can only put in 1 link as a new user

If there is anyone at jitsi that could help us with this project. Then my contact detail are or my mobile is 07976988548

or maybe my idea above is the wrong way to go about this- and there is an easier way??

Thanks Adam

Sent you an email - would love to learn a bit more about how this would work and would be happy to help out!

Disclaimer : i’m only a user that is playing with jitsi for about a week.


It seems to me that Jitsi works in a really more simple way that that.
You just have to decide of a room, and using the website or the phone app to connect to the room. Hence, you just have to send a sms to the family of the patinet, saying «at 3h30 your loved one will be connected at the room» ou «hosptialurl/roomname» and that’s it.
There is no use to delegate to jitsi meet the responsability to send this sms.

However, although I did not use it, I’ve seen that there is a phone service so called SIP ( that is provided through the component named «jigasi» and that allow to invite someone through a phone call from within a room. I guess that if you want a fully integrated solution that would be the way.

Thanks Sylvain. The problem is sending the sms. We want to send the sms or the email from the tablet without having to put sim cards in them or set up email software as they will be shared in the hospital.(ie via a webpage)

So if the nurse or doctor could just send everything via the app (we need an app as they are tablets and don’t work in the same way as jitsi does with a pc), then we would not need to send phones as well to the hospitals, and the nurses and doctors will not need to use their own phones (we know that loved ones then keep calling these numbers afterwards - especially if the patient does not make it out of the hospital alive!)

Yes but what about the second point, the SIP which allows to call a phone number by VOiP and is already integrated to jitsi as far as I undertood (beware that I am not a developper of jitsi)? You know that there already an app for android et iphone, right?

Does it needs to be SMS ? I found VOiP best since it calls for an imediate response. The sms you send it and have to wait… The table stay blocked for the other end to answer. With VoIP you call, it does not answer you pass the tablet to soeone else and retry with the previous immediately aftef But I don’t really now…

Anyway if its about SMS, I think the application «signal» might do the trick, though it requires to be installed in both ends to work through IP.

If you can’t install sim card and don’t want to use VoIP and can not require the other end to install signal to have SMS over IP, I guess the last choice is to set up a mail/sms server on a dedicated machine with sim card and have the tablet send to it. But I don’t have much knowledge about how it is done.

Hi Adam,

I think the easiest solution would be to set up a generic email account on the tablet, and then use the “invite others” button in the Jitsi Meet app to automatically compose an email for you. You will just need to enter the destination email address.

Good luck in those tough times,

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Hello there, We are currently rolling out to 12.000 Austrian Health Insurance professionals. Grape has a messaging client underneath and handles Guest User invites to the client via Email – it allows for Jitsi 1on1 or group calls and has a call agent so you can ring up people that joined a conversation.
Maybe we could be of assistance and help you get this started. Drop me a line and I can look into it tmrw:

Can’t they just log into their email via the web? At or etc? Like everyone who uses public computers does?