Help us power up your Jitsi deployment with JaaS

Hey all,

The 8x8 Jitsi team is building its next great service and we need your help!

We are currently working on a service that would let Jitsi users easily connect their self-hosted Jitsi deployments to 8x8’s PSTN, LiveStreaming, Recording and transcriptions clouds.

This would let users run entirely private instances for their most private calls and it would also allow them to easily connect calls that are less sensitive to additional services such as recording and inbound telephone access. The pricing will be based on what we currently offer for JaaS:

We greatly appreciate the help and to thank you for it, the first participants selected for the experiment will receive a $200 coupon to use for recordings, streaming, telephony access or any other JaaS service!

If this is of interest please put your contact info in this form ( 8x8 - We need you yo help test new Jitsi Features ) and we will get back to you as soon as we are ready.

Your Personal Jitsi Team


We are interested in using this solution but we need to understand how exactly MAU will be counted. We are an education company where student will come and go for 2Hrs and 3Hrs. So in such case 3000 MAU will be exhausted in a single day. Please suggest a better way of charging so that we can use this service.


Your question has nothing to do with this announcement. We’ll reply on the other thread you opened. Cheers.