Help to identify feasibility


We have a requirement to integrate video chat within our own text chat system. Main points which need to be considered:

1. Doc sharing with video call
2. Multi party video call or video call among more than 3 users
3. Do we need to open the video chat in the new browser window or can we open it in the same window of the application.
4. Video call recording - where these recordings will be stored. We prefer to store it on our server.
5. Scheduling video meet with google calendar integration (now and later - date, time)
6. Time restriction on video call - if possible, we should not have any restriction over the time duration.

Please review this requirement and let us know the following:

  1. Does jitsi api provide support for all of these items?
  2. What can be tentative costing for the same (if any)?
  3. Do you provide white label API?
  4. Is there any dependency over used technology of the current web application? Do you support react.JS-Java technology stack?

Please let us know your earliest so that we can proceed accordingly.


Yes. The only thing is the recording - If you are using this will be only users’s dropbox, if you are using 8x8 that is another cloud storage. And of course, if you are deploying your own service you have control over all of the things and you can implement the storage your way. is free, but you need to follow the terms of service like not removing the jitsi logo and leaving the close page for at least 15 seconds, more info:
You can sign up for jaas:
Or you can deploy everything yourself.

If you mean branding, yep that is available in jaas and you have full control when self-hosted.

The app is react/react-native app, but everything is packed in an iframe and you should be using it that way.