Help! Not very computer savy, and have several questions about using Jitsi Video conferencing

Please explain in simple terms not developer jargon or abbreviations.

  1. Is it possible to disable the recording function from a meeting.

  2. How does a phone participant mute and unmute themselves?

  1. Assuming you are using the answer is no. If you have your own server with Jitsi installed, then you can configure it to disable recording.

  2. Using the phone mute/unmute buttons if it has it. As far as I know, Jitsi’s dial-in does not offer such functionality.

Thank you for the response.

Can you elucidate further to you response to question 1. What does it mean to have my own server. Can you give me an example here. Is it difficult to get my own server so this can be done? What is a server? LOL!!! I apologize for my ignorance here. It’s innocent, really.

Honestly, I think this probably means it is not an option for you.

If you are using, you are using the service run by Jitsi.

You could, however, install all the software of a computer of your own, so that you had your own system. Then, you would have your own computer serving the jitsi application to your users: you would have your own server.

While this is relatively straightforward to someone used to making things available over the Internet, it’s not something to take on if you are not used to doing it unless you fancy a significant learning curve!

Thanks for explaining! My brother is a computer programer. Let me run it by him and see if it’s something he could walk me through. If i have any other questions ill let you know.

If you said this to him, it might help:

“To run my own jitsi instance, I will need a server connected to the Internet by a fast connection — more than most consumer DSL services. It would be simplest if it ran either Debian or Ubuntu. I would also need a domain name, with its A record pointed to my server. I would need to add the Debian/Ubuntu repository, then run the jitsi-meet installer. If I wanted to prevent others from being able to start conferences on my server, I would need to make changes to a number of files via the command line, and then restart parts of the server.”

If he is able to help you with it, excellent, but I suspect it might need a bit more than just walking you through it.

My Goodness! Your absolutely right it that ‘it would take more than him just walking me through it.’ Thank you for translating into programing speak.

@Jenn_Foltz although you can’t disable recording/streaming on, you do get a verbal notification and an icon whenever it is started. Not sure if that solves your problem, but if you’re worried about someone secretly starting a recording, know that you will be able to tell.

That does help bbaldino. Thanks!