Help needed to install Jibri on Ubuntu

We found this very detailed instruction on how to install Jibri on a Debian server provided by Digital Ocean:

We have little knowledge of Linux. Vultr provided an awesome server with Jitsi installed. It is an ubuntu server though.

What can we do to map the commands for Debian into commands for Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot.


Ubuntu is based on debian, so the commands of digital ocean should work. :wink:

Thank you so much guys!

I already installed Jitsi Meet on Utuntu. Now I need to install Jibri. Raj, your instruction is Jitsi Meet only, correct? And your commands includes configuring the ports, correct?

In this blog there are three links which are given below on this page

Jibri installation steps

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Thank you. I ran the command vim /etc/default/grub. and opened up a file completely blank.

Then I tried vim /etc/default/grub (without a dot in the end), I opened up a file which I could not edit.

Please guide.

Tanks for data and procedures.

I need Help: installed JISTI meet on and JIBRI on,
Jisti meet works well with 2 or more than 20 users on
JIBRi was installed following the steps of, but the question is whether Configuring a Jitsi Meet environment for Jibri was done correctly:

When trying to transmit on YouTube or record the videoconference, an orange sign appears on the right that says:
Oops! The recording Service is currently unavaliable. We’re working on solving the issue. Please tray again later.

Perhaps some parameter has been misconfigured:
Changes are made on are: (changes are made on JISTI server?)

Prosody :

  • internal muc component, meant to enable pools of jibri and jigasi clients
    Component “” “muc”
    modules_enabled = {
    storage = “null”
    muc_room_cache_size = 1000

VirtualHost “”
modules_enabled = {
authentication = “internal_plain”

the configuration of the 2 accounts so that you can use them JIBRI run on the pointing to the domain

prosodyctl register jibri jibriauthpass
prosodyctl register recorder jibrirecorderpass

Jicofo :


emphasized text org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.BREWERY=JibriBrewery@internal.auth. vps_B.com_server
org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.PENDING_TIMEOUT = 90

Jisti Meet:
fileRecordingsEnabled: true, // If you want to enable file recording
liveStreamingEnabled: true, // If you want to enable live streaming
hiddenDomain: 'recorder. vps_B_server ',

Interface Config:
Active on TOOLBAR_BUTTONS array recordingvalue button and button livestreamingvalue

Thank you


Can we connect on 9833718174 or


Hi, How are you
I needed help to install jibri on Ubuntu 18.04
because I follow the education of install jibri but I get error the wget -N$CHROME_DRIVER_VERSION/ -P ~/
get Answer : 403 not found
please help me

If you want to install jitsi meet and Jibri, you may do so easily with this script Jitsi Install Script For Ubuntu/Debian (also Jigasi and Jibri)

Thank you , I follow the help to install jibri but i write this code ;
get Error : 403 not found
and installation isn’t complete.