Help needed: No subtitle shown when live streaming using Jibri

Hello all,

I was able to get Jibri to do live streaming and Jigasi to do live captioning. However, when I live stream, no caption is shown in the streamed video even though I can see the subtitles on my screen.

Can someone kindly help me figure out this issue?

Much appreciated!

Subtitles/Closed Captions are enabled in the web or app interface on a per-user basis, so if the moderator enables or starts CC then all participants can use CC when they see the TR.
Jibri does not have this facility to enable as it’s based on the moderator as far as I can tell, so recordings and streaming do not have CC.

Thank you for your quick reply! If I have to make changes to have jibri livestream as a user to turn on “CC”, could you direct me to where I could make those changes? Jitsi front end? Jibri backend?

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, but as CC is a “User function” it is not available to the Jibri user account as it’s classed as a special case. So I don’t believe it is possible to achieve what you want here - possibly not desirable either.

Thanks for your info. I have a special use case that I will need to live stream the conference with translated subtitles for audiences speaking a different language.

I notice that in config.js there is one line
“// Enables automatic turning on captions when recording is started
autoCaptionOnRecord: false,”

I am a bit puzzled that if this is not a desirable feature, why would we automatically turn on captions on recording since recording/streaming will not capture subtitle anyway? Do you know more about this setting?


This should work if captions were enabled before the recording, I think.

Thanks for the reply. I tried it with captions enabled before recording/streaming but the captions still did not show up in the records/streamed video. Could you help point to the problem? Thanks.