Help needed: Jitsi meet Development environment setup

Me and my team are developing a mobile based app for Android and iOS. We are 90 percent development complete and also successfully integrated Jitsi to our app. But now we are in a stage where we want to customize certain aspects of Jitsi for our app needs. Based on the Jitsi handbook, we tried to setup a development environment and cloned jitsi meet code from GitHub and during the build process we are facing some issues in react native reanimated build task. It would be great if you could help us with that to just setup a working local development environment for Jitsi meet.

We would like to understand the issue and resolve it. Any paid support also works. All we are looking for is to setup a jitsi dev environment and should be able to build. Please let me know.


Which npm and node version do you use?
Make sure it is node 16, npm 8.

Thanks for the quick response, this is my below settings,
~# node -v
~# npm -v

I am getting the below error and some other errors as well in the same react-native-reanimated package.

/root/StudioProjects/jitsi-meet/node_modules/react-native-reanimated/android/src/main/java/com/facebook/react/uimanager/ error: cannot find symbol
public static boolean isOperationQueueEmpty(UIImplementation uiImplementation) {
symbol: class UIImplementation
location: class UIManagerReanimatedHelper

Thanks in advance,

Which command do you execute? Is this on npm install?

@saghul have you seen this kind of error?

No issues when running npm install.
We are looking to generate android library from the android/sdk (as per the build.gradle) to be output to build/outputs folder as below,
groupId ‘org.jitsi.react’
artifactId ‘jitsi-meet-sdk’
version System.env.OVERRIDE_SDK_VERSION ?: project.sdkVersion

        artifact("${project.buildDir}/outputs/aar/${}-release.aar") {
            extension "aar"

so that we can use in our app to test locally the customizations made in jitsi code.
For that we are trying to run the default task in jitsi-meet/android/build.gradle.

Sorry someone from the mobile team needs to step in to help you out, I’m not familiar with the mobile builds.

What I know is the app downloads the SDK from maven, have you tried using your own maven repo with your custom SDK


ok Thanks @Damian. The thing is that we have successfully integrated Jisti as is version (2+) but we wanted to customize something in Jitsi code itself for which we are looking for some help. The app we are building is mobile-based (Android and iOS) that uses Jitsi. So it would be great if someone can help us with this.
As I mentioned earlier, any paid support also works for us and we are ready to pay hourly rate/fixed. (This question is for anyone who sees the forum and familiar with jitsi customization itself.)


Create a post in the paid section describing what kind of help you need.

ok great will do. Didn’t know that category was there. Thanks for letting me know