Help me to install jibri

I can easily install jitsi but when I try to install jibri run into problems and libraries are not installed.
Who can help me or be remote on my system?
And whether a stable version of Jitsi has been released


I just committed Jitsi-Jibri Installer

Is it possible to install the system on Ubuntu version 18.04 ???

Probably first install prosody 0.11.

how to install prosody 0.11?

@ali_majidi Try using the Search tool

I got help from the link below

Can you please tell the command to specify the prosody version?

I went through this method and it was very incomplete
I do not know why I get in trouble when I try to install Chromium and when I try to unzip its folders it says there is no such folder

With this installer, no

Only Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 supported

If you are okay installing jibri along with jitsi meet, you may try using this script… GitHub - pregalla/jitsi: Installer for Jitsi, Jigasi, and Jibri