Help me please guys

[features/base/lib-jitsi-meet] Failed to load config from Error(Error){“message”:“loadScript error: undefined”}

help please

Ca va?

What exactly is the problem you’re having? You need to provide more information.

I cant connect in my room while using android sdk

i got “failed to load config from…” in my logs… please help me

Do you have a working installation of Jitsi? If it’s on that link, then you’ll have problems. Webrtc works over https and mobile clients particularly require signed certificates.

yes i have jitsi self hosting on aws, and i can connect in web service… but the mobile app dont work. I always have this error

Mobile works only with valid certificates on the deployment and you cannot get certificate for ip-address, you need to do the deployment using a valid DNS.

ah ok, thank you. by the way, there is no way to bypass this in Android?