Help me moderators

Can we make moderator according to link directed me=true

Please post using a title describing the problem or question you have. “Help me” is not a good title. Please do also search the forum before asking; a lot of the questions you have recently asked have already been asked and answered multiple times.

To answer your question, no, it is not possible to get moderator access by adding a flag to the URL. That would be a security flaw.

If you’re using, I believe everyone is made moderator by default. If you want a meeting room where you can control who are the moderators, use to book a meeting URL in advance where you are the only moderator.

If you have your own deployment, see [How to] What is a meeting moderator?

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@Shubhanshu_Jaiswal you keep asking for information that’s already been provided multiple times, in multiple threads on the forum. You really need to use the “Search” function. These are not questions that people should be handholding on.