Help me, mobile device installation

i try in my mobile device (android and ios) but i always look notification that “you have been disconnected. You may want to check your network connection.”. Please help me, if i try in notebook or PC, i don’t have issue.

additional information: i use my own certificate, behind NAT, use nginx

thank you

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Is it a self hosted certificate or a lets encrypt cert?
Because agree of Jitsi Meet Handbook on Devops Guide:

In order to have encrypted communications, you need a TLS certificate. The easiest way is to use Let’s Encrypt.

Note : Jitsi Meet mobile apps require a valid certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (such as a Let’s Encrypt certificate) and will not be able to connect to your server if you choose a self-signed certificate.

i use SSL root certificate from comodo, so i have .crt and .key but i use sub domain.


Maybe, you could try with a let’s encrypt cert, and if the error persist we can know that the cert is no the problem.

I have the same problem, did you solve it?

yes, i solved… Your root .crt must be combined with chain .crt
in ubuntu command line

if you input firstly in installation root.crt, i give advice for you to rename.

firstly, rename your root.crt
mv root.crt root2.crt

secondly, mix root2.crt with chain.crt
cat root2.crt chain.crt > root.crt

thirdly, replace to /etc/ssl
mv /…/…/…/root.crt /etc/ssl/root.crt

final step
reboot now

I have the same issue where mobile devices are being disconnected. I am using lets’encrypt, and I check with and it says chain is correct. The server was running perfectly until the update of jitsi came. I did reinstall from scratch hoping to get rid of the issue, but still it persist. I followed the instruction from github using ubuntu. Where do I need to check? Please help. Thank you.