(HELP) Jtsi Meet characteristics

Hello community)
I need your help friends. I need data on the characteristics of jitsi (something like that)
I understand that everything depends on my server.

I need data:

Channel width.
Bandwidth per 100 users.
As well as other information regarding the characteristics of jitsi.
The information is needed in order to understand whether jitsi is suitable for my servers and what video quality will be for 100 or more users. (in one session)

And another question: Does Jitsi support the H323 protocol?

No, jitsi doesn’t support H323. It supports SIP using Jigasi…

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Where can I find out what protocols it supports? Google didn’t help me (piece by piece)

Instead of seeking some special data, please ask your questions here.
There are many experts here and willing to help you.

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