Help install recording jibri

This sub domains: , ,
I must be register ? and pointing to ? I don’t know, please help, thanks !

As far as I know, they are internal to jitsi, and so you do not need to create A records or anything like that.

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Thanks for reply, but I try ping to this subdomains all time out ? So this for what ?

If you read the in Jibri’s Github you will find every step you need to install and configure jibri.

Those “” refers to the server in which you installed your jitsi-meet. So, in order to be able to config Jibri, first make sure that you have a FQDN that points to your jitsi-meet server (assuming you have one and configured the SSL part in the jitsi installation), than substitute those “” inside config.json (/etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json) with your jitsi-meet domain.

Correct — that’s to be expected.