Help! i cannot connect to any meetings

hi. i use a school computer to talk to my friends because the home i had to move into thinks phones are super useless
skype is blocked. jitsi isnt. therefore, i got all of my friends to use jitsi
i have never had this problem but the “you have been disconnected” message keeps popping up & it will not reconnect me. all i see is the message over and over.
this is making me really upset because i cannot talk to my friends.
please help. this is the only video website that works

please :frowning:


We’re glad you find Jitsi useful! The service has been experiencing unusually high load in the last week or so, and there were some disruptions. Please try again and let us know if the problem persists.


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the problem is still persisting sadly

Can you post a screenshot? Also open your javascript console and share the logs?


um idk how to view my logs, im not very techy

im reading it now & in order to get my logs i need to open developer mode, but its blocked by my school

one of my calls work, but the rest do not.
there was another person in the call so that could be why it is working

now none of the calls are working

is there anything i can do? is it on my end? there must be a way to fix it :frowning:

it is definitely still not working. this is making me really sad.

Is this your deployment or, open js console in the browser from developer tools and see the first error, or paste it here.

i cant open developer tools due to my school IT blocking it, or else i would do that. see…Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 7.47.12 PM

Sorry at the moment there is no other option to check what is going on. Maybe mic and camera is blocked or something else which prevents you from joining, but only the logs can reveal the reason.