Help for this scenario (about a school)

I am new to Jitsi and am now reading the guides and various pages in Internet.
Some things I see that it is possible to do them already with the configuration, but others do not seem possible to me.

Please help me with this scenario for a school.

  1. There can be more than one organizer (teachers)
  2. The users (students) are divided into groups (classes).
  3. However, users (students) can belong to transversal groups, for example for a project.
  4. A teacher activates a room with a group, which can be a class or a project.
  5. A teacher can invite other students, other teachers or a guest.
  6. There are no anonymous guests.
  7. There cannot be more than a set number of rooms active.

I would use predefined groups of users.
In this way the teacher can arrange a room inviting the group instead of individual students.
In addition, he can invite individual users (students, teachers or guests) using their username.

About the guests, I would use a number of fictitious usernames (and passwords); when needed, I send the credentials via email; then, at the end of the meeting, I remove that user from the list.

If Jitsi is unable to send invitations to user groups there may be some external script.

you can “transfer” your “real world” easily to jitsi, just do :wink:
Organize outside, then use jitsi.
What i mean? In real world, you have org objects: classes, teachers, projects and so on
In jitsi, you have rooms, participants, organisators …
make a table …

room: classes, projects, meetings, audiences …
participients: students, members, audience, plenum …
organisator: teacher, moderator, projectlead …

hands on. experiment. you’ll get it :wink:

the concept of jitsi is elementary genious ;-))


Maybe I explained myself badly.
I know the Jitsi structure. What is needed is the blocking of access to those who do not belong to a group.
In a school, in the same building there are several addresses:
For example, in a high school we have the addresses Linguistic, Technical, Scientific, Tourism, …
There could be sub-addresses such as for the Technical High School: Mechanical, Optical, Information Technology, Nuclear, …
Each address is divided into Sections: A, B, C, D, …
Each section has 5 classes (1,2,3,4,5) and different subjects: Mathematics, History, Literature, Native language, Foreign language, …
A teacher of Mathematics follows all 5 classes, of more sections (for example A, B, D, F) and perhaps in high schools with different addresses.
We are talking about hundreds of students for each teacher.

In real life it means that the teacher simply leaves one classroom and enters another. In some schools are the students who move between the classrooms.

Conversely, with online teaching all this cannot be transferred to Jitsi.
A teacher cannot invite 25 children per lesson every hour and it is difficult for he/she to organize it using the calendar. There is a risk of forgetting some students or inserting the wrong students.
For this I wanted to use groups.
It is one thing to invite 25 students, per class, section, address.
Another thing is to invite the group: “Linguistic-SectionD-Class3-Math”.

Then there is the problem of protecting the accesses because I want only the students of that group to participate in a lesson and no one else who has not been explicitly invited.

I believe authenticated domain makes everyone who is authenticated an admin

you could have everyone authenticate but then everyone would be administrators, alternatively you could tell students to put in their email in the “gravatar slot” image
and enable the lobby so teachers will see their email and accept or decline

How it would look: image

You are thinking as if it were a single occasional lecture.

Sooner or later we will get out of this emergency, but until then we have to think of something stable and organized in advance.
In a school there are dozens of lessons at all hours and it is not possible that each lesson has to be individually organized.

I think there is no problem on Jitsi side but you need a user/teacher/class management panel. I don’t very familar but Moodle may be a solution

You can use Lobby Rooms on Jitsi to avoid people outside of you classroom to join a session.

That’s the easiest and probably the only 0 config way of doing it.

Otherwise you need some sort of booking system that makes it mandatory to join a session with a specific token, and that’s going down the rabbit hole…

AFAIK :slight_smile:

I apologize, but I am having difficulty finding the documentation. The official one is full of pages with “Check back soon!” and I don’t find it very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I cannot create Groups in Jitsi, it is evident that I have to manage things separately.
I would exclude integration with other software (as Moodle) because I would like to keep it much more generic and standard.
The first tip that comes to mind is that Groups are defined in an email program.
This way the teacher organizes the lesson and sends the invitations via email using these Groups.
However, the problem remains of how to prevent someone who is not authorized from taking part in a lesson.
I might think there is a strong password, but the student could send it to some of their friends.
At the end of the lesson, I remove the room and that password can no longer be used.

Maybe look into LDAP + AD integration?

I know LDAP, but I’ve never worked on.
I assume it can help me keep usernames, credentials and emails in one place.
Maybe, but I’m not sure, in LDAP a user can belong to only one group.
Assuming there is maximum flexibility, my two initial questions remain.

  1. Can teachers invite groups of people to a meeting or do they still have to select individual people?
  2. How can you avoid that those who are not invited cannot participate at all?