Help for configuration

i’m trying to setup a jitsi instance but i’ve somes problems.

there a schematic of setup :

so my dns point to the wan IP on my sophos UTM.
I configured as usual the web application firewall of UTM to point on port 443 on jitsi LAN IP. with a let’s encrypt cert matching my domain.

and NAT rules TCP/4443 and UDP/10000-2000 to jitsi LAN IP

but for now this is not working (error ssl handchake).

so for testing i’ve bypass the web app firewall by directly NAT the TCP 443 to jitsi LAN IP.

acces is ok, join room too.

But when 2 person join the conf , no audio or video, and we are disconeted after few seconds (~30) .

i’ve added this lines to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ :

but no luck.

it’s a fresh install on debian buster (lxc container on proxmox hypervisor)

(i can’t attach log file because i’m a new user (but png attachement works !)

thanks in advance for you help

I have the same problem. I installed on ubuntu behind fire wall, I port-forwarded ports as you did, and TCP 80 and 443, added the NAT lines as you did (also quoted out the STUN_MAPPING line).
I can start a meeting, no problem. However,the 2nd person try to join the meeting, it always to disconnected and trying to re-join.

If you get some solution, please share. Thank you.