help better configuration 160 users

I installed on a debian 9 machine, with easy installation, the whole package

now i have a problem:
the server has these characteristics
cpu 4c / 8t 3.4 intel xeon
ram 32gb ddr3
lan 250mbps

what is the configuration for a single conference with 160 users ??

if it is not possible with these features what machine and configuration would it take ??

how does g suite meet 250 user?


We are working on big conferences, to be able to do it, you need to be able to spread load between several jvb instances using Octo. We are working on that.

Ok, thanks for the answer, so at the moment it is not possible in any way right ??
the development will have its time, do you have any alternatives to recommend

We are very close of adding that. OCTO you can already enable and configure.
Probably will enable it on these days.

There will still be work till we get to the big calls … but we are getting there

Thanks for your support and collaboration. If I understood this system solves the problem of connections deriving from different parts of the world by connecting users to different servers and then all converge on a single server.

But it would not solve as in my case the problem of people all in the same state, because the connected server would always be the same right ??

The idea of octo is that you can split on conference to several bridges. And selection of bridges can differ, maybe based on region, but can be just load in same region.

So theoretically I understand.
Practically what should I do in addition to the guide already reported ??

run it and try if I found the 160 people

or can you indicate an alternative of your knowledge to buffer this need?