Hello meet.jit.si re: Custom RTMP

I am hoping to be able to send straight to an RTMP stream key THAT IS NOT YOUTUBE - Frankly, I would just rather like to enter the URL and stream key of the service I want, instead of selcting from a vendor list.

Any help is appreciated. I made a successful meet.jit.si call today on Flote.app @Studio8424 but I would like to send directly from meet.jit.si.


Mark Watson
Studio 8424

We currently run the first and only ALWAYS-ON live stream #FloteCast @STUDIO8424LRN

This is not currently possible, but we are hoping to make it happen as part of GSoC: https://github.com/jitsi/gsoc-ideas/blob/master/2020/live-streaming-providers.md

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Thank you for your contribution to this wonderful project. :+1:

We too would love to be able to broadcast Jitsi Meet by simply inputing a custom RTMP Server URL and Stream Key of our choosing — as we prefer to use something other than Youtube Live.

Your existing UI for asking for the Youtube Live connection is pretty good already. Easy to understand.

I also think OBS Studio’s interface for this same feature is satisfactory in terms of UI design too:

But maybe you can design something even easier to understand?

Good luck, and thanks again.

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