hello,Looking for experienced Jitsi developers for paid work

I need to make an app, and the developer I am looking for is the full stack. Download jitsi first (this product can get all the source code from github, and then develop on this basis, or use other solutions without him),
Then I write down the features to be added. After adding them together, it is the appearance of the product to be made.

  1. Must have a distributed cluster function. As long as the Android side and the server side, if you are good at cross-platform Apple and Android, you can do it together.
  2. The homepage is similar to hao123 classification, including study, work, life, etc., namely: the classification of group names. Rotate text ads on top.
  3. If someone publishes bad information, they can be reported. A blacklist can be set.
  4. Each group owner can set the time period for all members of the group to speak or mute.
  5. Specify the minimum upgrade version, the user must upgrade, otherwise they cannot log in to use the software.
  6. The user can set custom text in the group, and automatically speak every 1 hour (up to 10 times a day from the time of login).
  7. Voice and video of single chat, in order to save server bandwidth, only p2p mode between users, audio and video can not use any charging third party such as Huanxin Jiguang.

Please contact me for more details at 29395373@qq.com

sent you an email and a personal message here too