Hello i need one modirator when anyone 1st click on a button andorid app

I have 3 buttons on a 3screen there are 3 rooms but anyone who clicks on it is a modiarator I want that only the first person who joins the meeting only be a modirator how I can do that every other are a participant and one moderator
please guide me i am android app developer i want to use this in app please also guide me this is free ? or somemeetings are free?

The server decides who becomes moderator, not the frontend app.

If you use the free meet.jit.si service, then it is configured to promote every user to moderator and is not something you can change.

If you want more control over who becomes moderator, you will have to host your own server or subscribe to JaaS where you can promote moderators based on JWT token attribute.

is it free for lifetime ? or some limits in it?

You can use it for free as long as you abide by the terms of use which mentions, among other things, not removing or obscuring the 8x8 branding and usage at a “commercially acceptable volume”.

I am no affiliated with the organisation that runs meet.jit.si so I cannot comment on whether it will remain free forever, or whether you intended usage meets the terms or not.