Hello I am a beginner level developer and I am very much interested in contributing to jitsi-meet project

Hello guys I am a first-year student currently pursuing cse and I have been learning web development for quite some time. I saw came by the jitsi-meet github repo from the GSoC 2022 organization list I was really intrigued and I want to start contributing to this project.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice and how to get started and how could I get accepted as a contributor during GSoC 2022 period

Welcome to the community!

@emcho will be in touch. In the meantime, you can start looking through the repos at github:

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Extremely psyched to be a part of the community.

Actually, I have gone through the jitsi-meet repo and I have been using jitsi for a while with my friends during the last wave of the pandemic when we were searching for alternate ways to interact online.After coming to college while learning web development I thought I should contribute to a software that I have already used !

I have also gone through the GSoc Idea list

So I am familiar with Javascript and React but not really with React Native. Out of the 2022 idea list I believe I am limited to contribute to two main ideas given my tech stack

1.Chromecast .
2.Recording storage providers

IMO, at first, you need to work on how to setup a development environment

thanks for your reply.

Ok I will get on it asap . Just to be clear you mean from here, right ?

NOte that we are also open to new ideas :slight_smile:

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Actually, I was thinking about expanding the storage provider idea where maybe we can add mega to the list using the mega SDK because from what I have seen a lot of students use that.

But I think the main problem is I like I said I am a beginner and I would require some help with docs/references/guides to get get me up to speed with the the usual tech stack and flow of fundamental projects.

Did you check this handbook?

Yeah going through it right now.

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Hey So I went through the handbook and I get the basic cruz of the projects, codebases and contribution may I ask is there any space where I can ask specific doubts and queries like a slack channel or something?

Here, the forum is the right place for questions.

ok cool first I think I will need to install ubuntu rather than my current OS (windows) as it is not supported for building the website. I was also getting npm installation errors.

Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 11 Bullseye will be OK