Having some problems with screen sharing and video


I’ve installed jitsi following the quick install guide(more or less, had to look some place else too), opened all the ports but for some reason Im having these issues

  1. getting disconnected too often when using a webcam. Only video, audio keeps working fine
  2. screen sharing (firefox or chrome) doesn’t worj for some users… Like at all
    I streammy desktop or windows and they are getting nothing.
    Any ideas?

I tried disabling firewall completely, it didn’t help. I’m not behind NAT.


Does video work when there are 3 participants? What does it mean :

How it is possible to be disconnected and have audio and video working?


Hello :wink:

  1. I haven’t tested it with 3 participants yet. I tried to screen share with my friend yesterday and although it looked like I was screensharing on my end he didn’t receive anything.There was nothing on his screen

  2. That was a poor choice of words. I just receive a notification that “XXX is having connectivity issues” Their video transmissions get stuck, however, they can still talk.

PS This is all very strange… I tested it on my second notebook and screen sharing worked. Then I asked my friend to test it. He lives in Germany and he said he didn’t see any desktop.

What log do I need to monitor to get to the bottom of it all?


This appears when there is a problem with the connectivity of the other participant.

What is the browser on both sides?


We tried chrome and safari

I’ve been trying to tame :wink: jitsi for a few days now but to no avail.

I’m getting plagued by connectivity issues and screen doesn’t seem to be shared.

I followed quick install guide and I haven’t secured my domain(by creating account-only access).

Here are my logs:



Any idea what’s going on?

I’d appreciate any help.

Thank you.


Did you try the same scenario on meet.jit.si, does it work for you?