Have you installed jitsi desktop jitsi_2.10.5550-1_amd64.deb on debian?

On debian 9 I installed
jitsi-archive-keyring_1.0.1_all.deb and
and jitsi desktop worked.

Then I installed same jitsi packages on
debian 10.

The jitsi desktop starting window displays, but does not get further. Same
result if you start from menu or from command line.
Starting jitsi desktop from command line returns something like
this Unable to resolve net.java.sip.communicator.keybindings : missing requirement
osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=org.jitsi.service.configuration) [caused by: Unable to resolve org.jitsi.libjitsi missing requirement [org.jitsi.libjitsi

Suggestions on how to start jitsi desktop?
Thank you.