Have a definitive call URL

Hi everyone,
I’m working in the medical industry and I found Jitsi as a solution to deal with Covid-19 for dietician teleconsultations. We need to keep these consultations going with patients we’ve already started to work with before the crisis, and we need a software that doesn’t require any account to connect etc., so Jitsi really appears as the best solution. We tried it and appreciate it a lot!
My only concern/question is regarding the call URL: can we have a “definitive” URL that we could be sure is “reserved” to X doctor, and another address for Y doctor etc? Or will the doctors need to re-enter a special address for each of their call?
I couldn’t find an answer in the FAQ or forum, so any input would be appreciated.
Thank you very much for your help and this great software.

You can create unique link for every doctor … There is no reservation or something.

Thank you, so once the URL is created there is no expiration?

correct me if im wrong but,

the room expire when nobody else is in.

in secure domain config :

doctor X has a prosody account
doctor Y has a prosody account

doctorX & doctorY can create “WhateverTheyWant” room name

Guest can’t create room and if they try to get a room that exitsed yesterday but not re-created today, they will be asked to wait until the room exist again (re-created by a doctor)

I think that for your case, and privacy problematics, doctorX must create a “DoctorXnonSensRandomName”
room for each guest to avoid identity problem, because if DoctoX create and keep alive /DoctoXisHere
he will not be able to refuse connexion… So, Guest1 is in call and Guest2 come in conference before guest1 leave ?

If im not wrong, you can’t limit de max number user to 1 moderator + 1 guest (@damencho that could be a really cool feature, meaning queue for other guest., and not for other moderator ! )

So, as i understand jitsi and your problematic, i would say : 1 patient = 1 dedicated room name
and doctor create the room when its the time to. Guest & Doctor knows that its always the same room name, it doesn’t change at each meeting.

Hope it help, hope i didn’t misunderstood.

Correction :
may be a way to try with “muc_max_occupants” ?