Has connecting issues when sharing desktop

Hi, I have download release version of jitsi-meet-electron, video and voice worked great, but when I share my desktop, my desktop stream did not show properly on other users’ window and got an error which was 'someone has connecting issues '. Same error happened on my installation at my server, when the third one join the meeting, desktop sharing does not work at all. I also tried it without p2p mode, it does not work even only two people in the meeting.
Is this some misconfiguration on my side? And any ideas how to troubleshoot?

What screen resolution are you using? A desktop stream could use up all your bandwidth because it will be big. I believe the Chromium version in Electron doesn’t do simulcast for screen-sharing yet.

well, that’s it. I got 10M bandwidth and size of desktop stream only has 400k-2000k.
But thank you very much