Has anyone tried to merge 'share screen' feature into zulip desktop

I want to use zulip desktop to have a meeting , when I try to share my screen, it doesn’t work.
I find that JitsiMeetExternalAPI is necessary but it hard to import in zulip desktop.
Another thing is that some version use setupScreenSharingForWindow from jitsi-meet-electron-utils, the code use window.JitsiMeetExternalAPI directly without setting a value,
and some version use setupScreenSharingRender and setupScreenSharingMain which gave me an error in setupScreenSharingMain .
If you have done it, please tell how to make zulip desktop enable to share screen.

I resolved it all by myself.
iframe in jitsi document is really iframe tag, and JitsiMeetExternalAPI is not necessary.
So just create a iframe and call setupScreenSharingForWindow .