Has anyone tried Jitsi Meet quick install on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server yet?

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS came out last week.

Has anyone tried Jitsi Meet on this version yet ? Would there be any advantages to use that now, other than its long support time ?

Edit - it seems the LetsEncrypt script from Quick install instructions doesn’t complete successfully and here is a workaround for broken authentication after upgrading from 18.04 LTS.

I got it working on 20.04 by manually installing the LE cert (required editing a conf file to remove a TLS option).

I can’t speak to any advantages or disadvantages of running 18.04 vs 20.04 - but it does work for me.

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I have installed it today as well. It works pretty well.
I have used standard install. Then modified configs to work behind NAT.
Finally enabled Prosody Authentication (followed crosstalksolutions tutorial)

you get a more recent prosody, but of course you can install it from outside Ubuntu repo to get it.

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Also, I must add, I did not use LE certificates. rather I used my already available SSL certificate

I have it up and running on Ubuntu Server 20.04

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I was able to install Jitsi on Ubuntu 20.04 , made a tutorial here

Guide here https://github.com/mjtiempo/Docs/blob/master/Jitsi%20Meet%20Installation.md