Hardware Requierement for 150 simultaneous sessions

Hello everyone!

I want to implement a videoconference server for our public university. We currently have 6200 students. I think we could have daily 150 simultaneos sessions, with 40 participants, about 60 minutes session. Each session I think will have 5 participants streaming video. The platform will work from Monday to Saturday. Also we want to record all the sessions. We need to have a history for a week and then we will send this recordings to a NAS.

Can someone tell me how to dimension the server in CPU, RAM and Storage?

Thanks a lot!

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The main resource would be bandwith and you need to use multiple JVB’s. You can calculate how many persons can connect through a single JVB is limited to JVB’s bandwith. Bandwith requirement of a single person depens on the video quality.

So does it mean that… be it 150 or 15000, if we have more JVB’s we can have more users in the conference?

A bit offtopic but: How can I setup more JVB’s behind one Domain-Name/Service? Where to configure the “list” of available JVBs?

@WebCF this might help you: How to add the secondary jvb to main jitsi-server

Sorry I miss calculated, the 150 sesions will be in a 8hour-day base. So this means we can have up to 20 sessions simultaneously. With this new numbers, can I have the exact CPU (cores) requiered, RAM and Storage requiered? Plus I need to record all sessions.

Hi, we are in similar situation. I’m using one 4core/24GB RAM server for jicofo/prosody and 2 JVB servers 8C/16T and 12C/24T, 16GB RAM each is OK, all servers are connected 1Gb to LAN. I’m planing to add another one or two JVB servers in future. Here you can read some more details: