Hardware recommendations for client-side conference room


We’re increasingly using videoconferencing for meetings and presentations across multiple sites (two conference rooms with a TV screen) and with multiple remote workers (usually one person with one device). When users are alone then the setup with a headset, then the sound quality is OK and manageable. For the conference rooms, it quickly becomes difficult to get a decent audio quality. We tried to get decent webcam with HD audio microphones incorporated, but they seem to be insufficient.

I was wondering if any other users of jitsi had recommandations on the hardware side :

  • the computer (and it’s GPU) that is required for conferences with up to 15 people
    • bonus points for single-board-computers (for example those that have big GPU)
  • the internet connection (I think we’re OK there)
  • recommended audio setup (linux preferred)
    • any success/recommendations with boundary microphone (the ones you set on a table)
    • any success/recommendations with coordless microphones (simple usb setup preferred)
  • recommended video setup (less of a problem than the audio quality)
  • recommended auto-on setup (for now we have a auto-login + open a browser in the conference room)

Does anyone know if there are any open hardware projects on that specific need ? The commercial offers seem quite interesting, but we would love to be able to finance open source / open hardware type ecosystems.