Hardware needed for Jitsi server


Sorry I’m not sure what category to put this under.
What hardware do I need to setup and run my own Jitsi server for heavy use?
Thank you kindly.


For meet.jit.si we use aws, and the most important is the network. I know that the bridges run on c5.xlarge because of the network.


Hi Damencho thank you for the reply. So if I understand you right the hardware isn’t as important as the speed of your internet connection or are you referring to the network that provides your sip voip? If the latter who would you recommend?
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Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly, I’m talking for jitsi-meet deployment. Are we on the same page?

What do you mean?


Aw OK. It’s bettor I explain what I’m looking at Jitsi And a server for. I’m looking to start an international prayer network. where people; 100, 1000 or more call in to pray together. while streaming for others to join in as spectators. Sorry for the confusion. I’d also like to be able to allow other people to use it with an online interface as a host with out me being present. As you can no dout tell I’m pretty knew at this so forgive me if I spend sometime fishing while I get up to speed. Thanks again.


Here you are talking only for audio? No video is involved?


Video would be a nice feature as optional but it’s not necessary as long as people can log into a conference both on line and through there phone without the need of a service like Skype.
I think I’m going about this the wrong way. Rather then me trying to tell you what I need I think I should be asking you to tell me. So now that you know what I’m trying to accomplish what do I need? Thank you kindly.


A conference of 100 and above is currently not supported. Our goal for big conferences is 500, but this is still on going effort and this will require multiple bridges deployed, and a lot of infrastructure.
Deploying jitsi-meet will automatically give you an option for multiple audio/video participants and you need to deploy and multiple jigasi instance to be able to add participants calling.
But if there are again many participants joining through sip simultaneously, you will need again a lot of jigasi instances and a way to load-balance from the sip side …
In other words this is not a simple deployment and requires a lot of work, even when there is support for big conferences up to 500 people.


alright thank you. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::grinning: