HAProxy with Jitsi Meet Shards

I have set up a haproxy in front of two jitsi server following the video guide.

How can I prevent routing to different shard for the same room?

I researched and found there is a concept of Bosh connection which stores the ?room param in a table for first participant and routes according to that.

But I cannot find any doc for how to configure this. Does this feature come out of the box or it needs to be configured manually?

This is already the case, you just need to configure your haproxy to respect that url param.

Hi - I’m trying to do the same. Can you please share you haproxy config settings?

If you don’t mind describing your setup please… it will help me and rest of the folks here as well.

thanks in advance for sharing. @hmharshit

Hi @Canton,

Have you followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj8a6ZRgehI?

I’ve not fully configured it as I was thinking how route will be managed based on ?room name, so I’ll work on that.

Have you tried to configure using this video?

Hi, yes I tried a lot but it did not work for me. Here’s what i have done so far in a different forum

Anyways, I understand if you don’t want to share. Totally fine.