HAProxy config sample for redundancy


Can anyone help for a sample haproxy configuration file for such a design?


I was unable to find any documentation or a sample config file about how to configure HAProxy in active/passive way for load balancing and redundancy.

In this setup, unknown thing for me is, how HAProxy knows and talks to Jicofo/Jvb to direct the incoming conference requests to the same room same jitsi same jvb.

I want to prepare a 1+1 redundant system with 2 HAProxy and 2 Jitsi-meet servers with 2 videobridges each.

Also, as a second approach, if i use my own healtcheck for master and slave jitsi servers and create the rooms with my backend logic and eliminate HAProxys, is it also an architecture which may work?

Your help will be much appreciated…


It just needs to direct all bosh requests for the same room to the correct shard. All requests have a url param room=… so you can use the url param to choose backend, quick search and I found this document on the subject: https://blog.sleeplessbeastie.eu/2018/05/02/how-to-use-variable-to-choose-haproxy-backend/