Happy new release

jitsi-meet 2.0.5390 is released



We had discovered a memory leak in Jicofo and will try to provide a hotfix update to the stable release in the following days, so stay tuned.


I have an issue with new version, I create new fresh Jitsi meet instance and enableLayerSuspension doesn’t work!

when it’s activated I didn’t see any b/w reduction. unlike my old instance when is active the b/w decreased from 4Mbps to 2.5Mbps for 4 participantes.

note the both the old and new have the same configuration on hostname-config.js

Thanks for your help

Stable is updated with the leak fixed. Versions are the same just a new version for jicofo with just that fix on top of the previous stable.


So what is new in this version? The release log is always difficult to parse for someone who isn’t involved in development - at least for me it’s hard to figure out important new features or incompatible changes?

One thing I noticed is the changed Lobby configuration, which seem to require some changes.

What else do I need to look for or can I advertise any new things to my users?

Here is a list for the users I got from decrypting the release notes :slight_smile:

  • feat(tile-view) optimize for less margins
  • Skips the default tile view when jibri is loading.
  • Show cc button for ongoing transcribed meetings for guests
  • feat(welcome_page): Redesign welcome page
  • Improves presenter mode quality
  • Signaling optimizations to reduce prosody CPU usage
  • Fixes showing phone icon for jigasi participants.
  • fix(password): Fix add password button on Safari
  • Translation updates
  • Improve desktop sharing
  • Responsive improvements for small screens
  • Accessability improvements
  • Show livestream button only for moderators.
  • feat(RTC) bump minimum supported Chromium version to 72

We also pushed a new small fix to the latest stable just now, fixing a deadlock we discovered in jicofo.

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