Hang up everyone's call

I am now installing Jitsi-meet on a Linux server and embedding Jitsi-meet in my application using the Jitsi-meet API.

Is there a way for someone who has opened a conference room to drop the call automatically when the person who opened the meeting room through the API or other method ends the call?

For example, A opened a conference room on my application site. Then B and C access the meeting room via a shared link. Afterwards I want to make B and C’s calls automatically terminate when A ends the call.

Is there a way like this?

Not sure if this feature is available in Jitsi API.

But you can do one this, check whether A’s call is hanged up if yes then you can trigger following code.

api.dispose(); // remove the embedded jitsi code from the page.
window.location.href = "http://domain/close_call.html";

This is not an ideal solution. But can be possible. Let me know if it helps.