Handle the number of participants with JitsiMeetExternalAPI from a react app

I’m a developer from SriLanka, working on a online consultation project, . I’m using JitsiMeetExternalAPI to embed the Jitsi in my application and i have, implemented a start calling feature, but with the link created , all participants with the link can able to join the call, I need to restrict it by limiting the number of people in that room. can i do that using JitsiMeetExternalAPI.

To limit the number of participants, that is a severside restriction.
Are you using your self-hosted deployment?

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yes im using self hosted jitsi server and react app.
can i update the number of participants for a meeting based on the booking details… eg: if a meeting has only 3 customers, including the room creator 4 is the limit… like wise … if 2 customers measn limiting to totoal of 3 including the room creator? or can i create a dynamic passwords?

@nishyJana I find the search feature on this site extremely helpful! Many questions have been asked and discussed/answered (sometimes multiple times).

Check out:

Keep in mind that this solution will require some lua development. That thread has a starting point but you’ll need to work out the kinks.

Thank u for the response, but can u refer this GitHub - nishyjana/jitsidemo-app, and say how to have a config file. so i can configure the MUC

Glad I could help! Good luck with your development!

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