Hacking of video conference

Today, I was using Jitsi with my pupils (they are 8, 9 and 10 years old).
Some unwelcomed people loged into the video conference to broadcast loud music, swearwords and pornographic sounds. They also wrote some swearwords in the chat room and this URL : discord.gg. They also used our IP adresses to locate us. They call themselves “trollers du web”.
We were really chocked by that kind of behavior.
Is there a way to trace the people who did this ?
Thank you.

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your experience. As with any public-facing video-conferencing platform, you need to activate some security features to make sure only those you wish to be part of the meeting are able to get into the meeting. The most common of this is the password feature. You set a password that’s made available to the participants so only those that have it can enter the room. Perhaps an even better option is the Lobby feature. With the lobby activated, you ultimately control on a one-on-one basis who gets into the room. I strongly recommend using those security features to protect your meetings from unwarranted intrusions going forward.

As per tracing the culprits, it’s pretty tough because Jitsi does not retain user data.

Thank you for your answer and your security tipse. I’ll make sure to use them next time.

For more information check out Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi