H264 SVC Support

Hello all,
we have been using and customizing jitsi for long time. Thanks for all aspects.

I have a question regarding H264 SVC support. What needs to be done to enable this support in JVB? Is it a quite complex work to be done? It seems that without h264 SVC support instant blurring and all related screen sharing issues will not be over.

Other then H264 SVC support, do you have other ideas for perfect screen sharing experience?

Our setup is like this with VP9 enabled:

constraints: {
    video: {
        height: {
            ideal: 720,
            max: 720,
            min: 180
        width: {
            ideal: 1280,
            max: 1280,
            min: 320

enableLayerSuspension: true,


desktopSharingFrameRate: {
    min: 5,
    max: 6

thanks in advance for any recommendation!

Hi @damencho , @jallamsetty,

what do you think on this matter? Do you share the idea of JVB H264 SVC support provides significant impact for screen share quality?

Most users are not using H.264 (and you mentioned you are using VP9), so what gives you the impression that support for H.264 SVC would change screen share quality?

Hello @jbg ,

screenshare quality of H264 SVC based systems are very well even under bad network conditions. This is the main reason of my inquiry. Besides, if there were h264 svc support in jitsi, I am sure many people would use it rather than vp8/vp9.

VP9 does great however considering end 2 end user experience (web, desktop, mobile) some conditions are blur prone.

One issue is that H.264 SVC support is not that widespread. I think Chromium has support for temporal scalability only, and I seem to recall that old Edge had some support, I don’t think Firefox has any support at all. I doubt anyone is going to work on adding it to browsers now rather than looking ahead to AV1, too.