H.264 hardware encoding/decoding is not working when using meet.jit.si server


We developed Android (9/10/12) clients app based on jitsi SDK 6.2.2 and Installed jitsi server in Azure.

We managed to activate H.264 hardware encoding/decoding when we use Azure server but not with meet.jit.si

Can you help to understand why ?

Is it possible to read server version number and configuration from client ?


There is no encoding/decoding on the server side. The clients do these.
Do you ask for the client-side?

It’s just because of configuration, probably. See https://meet.jit.si/config.js (search for H264).

H264 is disabled in the meet.jit.si config for both P2P and JVB case. Since you have a self-hosted instance, you can just use that and control the config yourself.


I was testing with meet.jit.si and saw the following log:
I JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] JingleSessionPC[session=P2P,initiator=false,sid=c6b4ccb52563] Switching video codec from vp8 to h264
It is very confusing - do you know why it logs H264 if H264 is disabled ?
Note: I am running with SDK 6.2.2 not latest.



Yes, I asking about video codec in client side but i already got the answer, thanks